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Gaurav Sharma
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Broken Link Building Guide – How to Identify and fix Broken Links

No one wants to send his visitors to a website/page that doesn’t exist anymore as it results in a bad user experience. This reason has made the broken link building an effective strategy.

What you would be doing while implementing this strategy is finding the websites that contain links to the dead pages, informing them and then offering them another relevant link to replace the dead one. This strategy has a high success rate because it provides a solution to someone’s problem that he may even know about.

A common reason that why some link builders don’t use this strategy is it consumes much time. But, the process can be made easier with the help of many tools.

How will you come to know that it is a broken link?

A broken link is one that links to a page showing a 404 error. You can use a tool to detect various links at a time, letting you know about the dead links.

broken link building

The perfect way to find out the broken links

You need to follow a process for finding the broken links. Here are some simple steps:

  • Enlist all the resource pages that are relevant to your own website.
  • Check all these pages for broken links.
  • If the case page contains broken links, notify them and offer them a replacement. And if there are no broken links then pitch them as a resource page.

What makes this method a perfect one is the fact that your time is not wasted even if the pages do not contain dead links.

Moreover, there are many plugins and tools that you can use for automating this process; so, bring those tools into use. Scrapebox is a good example of such a tool.

How to find additional links?

There is no doubt that the dead URL would have other domains referring to it. So, take an advantage of this. When you find a dead URL, dump it into a backlink checker and you will get to know the other domains referring to it.

Now, you can send a broken link email pitch to all these domains.

How to ensure success?

Though the chances of success are more in broken link building, still you need to ensure that your content is the right replacement for the dead URL.

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