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Latest Design Trends for Building a Quality eCommerce Website

December 28, 2019 eCommerce

Keeping your eCommerce website up with the latest trends is extremely important and for that, you need to be well aware of all the fluctuations that come into the field. Though accepting the challenge of working according to these fluctuations is little difficult but it is worth undertaking as it will not only increase the brand awareness but will also boost up the sales.

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User experience and first impression matter a lot for the success of your online store. Visitors will stay on your website only if it is easy to navigate, provides organized information, loads fast and offers something better. And only then they will be converted into the customers. In the case your website lacks these points, visitors will not only consider moving to another one but they would not like to visit your site again. So, in order to get your eCommerce website enlisted in the favorite ones, you need to update it according to the latest trends of the competitive online market.

Here are some latest website design trends that you must implement in your eCommerce site.

  • As the main focus of web designing is on decreasing the loading time, many websites are now using the large, unique and bold imagery. This is done to attract the browsers and communicate with them in a very less time. Along with that, it also reduces the reliance on the text and simplifies the design offering a “brand look”.

However, always ensure to use original images as it will increase the sales.

  • Though there has been always a debate over the best way of scrolling (between long and short), but Long scrolls is more preferred by the users. Visitors don’t like to be redirected to other pages.
  • Ensure to provide a concise way of scrolling. For an instance, divide the information into different sections and allow the visitors to have access to the one they are looking for.
  • Using a range of vibrant colors is also a new trend that attracts the viewers browsing through different devices. As the design is kept simple, incorporating it with vibrant colors and stylish text is the best way of making your website stand out.
  • Use of videos to give an information about the company and products is also a common trend. It can increase the chances of success to a great extent provided that the quality of the video is good. These videos are a great way of leaving an everlasting impression on the minds of the viewers.
  • Animations make the website more engaging and entertaining. So, ensure to include some in your website for increasing the number of customers.
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