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The Most Crucial Link-Building Strategies

It would not be wrong to say that no online business, in today’s time, can get success without SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is a technique that optimizes the websites to get better rankings on various search engines and thus, bring more traffic to the website. This, in turn, boosts the conversion rate and helps businesses grow.

Link Building is one of many SEO strategies in which the external pages are linked to a page on your own website and more traffic is driven to it. It is the most important SEO technique because you need to work on some other SEO techniques in order to build the links effectively. High-quality content and knowledge of the different marketing tactics are the way to create right links. Also, link building is only effective when you get links from relevant websites having high authority. So, rather than focusing on the number of links, you need to focus on relevancy and quality.

However, link building is time-consuming, especially when your focus is on creating quality links. As the process is a little difficult too, here we are enlisting the most effective link-building strategies.

Link Roundups

Link Roundups are the weekly curations that link to the best content in a particular industry. A link in a roundup means great traffic to your website. So, what you need to do is find the relevant link roundups and send them an email pitch to have a link to your content in their next post. In order to get success, you would be required to focus on the quality of the content and send an appealing pitch without becoming a sleazy salesman.

Resource Page Links

This strategy is much like the link roundups, but there are some key differences. Link roundups focus on recently published content whereas resource pages contain links to evergreen content. Unlike roundups where you send an email pitch before creating the post, the pitch for the resource page is sent after the publishing of the content. Here you would be requesting them to publish your content on their page as an addition to their content.

Broken Link Building

It is one of those link-building techniques that have a high success rate. Broken links are the ones that link out to dead pages. So, what you would be doing is finding the relevant websites that contain broken links, informing them about such links and offering a link to your page for replacing the dead one. Make sure that your link is an accurate replacement for the dead one, otherwise, the success rate may decrease.

Guest Posting

If you are looking for the best way of securing links to your website pages then guest posting would be the right choice. A guest post looks the same as that a standard blog post. You need to find the blogs that accept guest posts and then send them an email pitch to write a post for them. Try to choose the sites that have high authority. To make your pitch more appealing, include the links to some of your best posts.

Gaining Access to Lost Links

Links can be lost due to different reasons, but if you examine that the links were rather important, then it would be better to reach out to the webmasters and request them to add them back. Make sure to know the reason for link removal before reaching out to them.

Sponsored Posts

In this technique, you need to find the websites which accept advertisers and then ask them to sponsor a post on their website. Make sure the content you create fits right with the rest website’s content. Let them get surety that you are not looking for the email blasts or banners, but just the native placements.

Getting Links on Unlinked Mentions

Your website would be mentioned if you are doing great work, like investing in quality content, investing in PR and having an active presence on social media. You just need to find your unlinked mentions, which can be done by using a relevant tool. An unlinked mention is one that includes your business name without a link. Then send an email to them and reclaim the link to your website letting them know how it is going to help you.

The Synonym Approach

In this approach, your focus would be on the websites that have the same niche as yours but are not your direct competitors. For an instance, if you are running a WordPress development company, you should look for other website development companies that don’t offer WordPress development services.

After you have found such sites, you can send them a request for guest posting informing them how it will be beneficial for both businesses.

Forum Commenting

Forum commenting is the best way of driving traffic to your website and promoting content along with being a decent opportunity for link building. So, what you need to do is find the forums that relate to the website you are promoting and find the threads relevant to the content you want to promote.

However, here you are not required to create a pitch; just write a short response and drop a link to the content you are looking to promote.

Blog Commenting

If you are thinking it is spam then you are wrong; it is the best link-building technique to promote your content. Find websites that publish the content same as yours or that are relevant to your content. Then write a response for any of their blog and leave a link that supports your comment.

Video Links

Sharing links on video sites is one of the best ways to build links and drive traffic to your website, only you need to have a good video for that. Once you have created a good video, you can include the links to your website that contain the content relevant to that video.

Directory Links

Find the directories having high authority and submit your business’s information on them. In order to find quality directories, you would be required to do a manual search for finding them.

Conference and Event Links

This strategy requires a lot of work, but the rewards are also high. In this, you would need to host a meet-up, or an event or would need to speak at an event or conference. You will get links to plenty of places, like the host’s website, partners’ website and bloggers who would write for the event. Once you have done speaking, you can send an email to the event organizer with a link to your website which he will share with the relevant people.

Landing Press Links

The writers at major publications either are either staff members or freelancers. In the landing press links, you would be targeting the freelancers and offering them money. Though it does not look ethical, the results are great.

Get a list of publications and search by using keywords. Check out if the articles are written by a non-staff writer and contact him.

Pitching Infographics

Infographics have two benefits- no need of writing lots of content and they can be used time and again. Once you have good infographics at hand, you can submit them to sites which aggregate them or can use them as guest posts. But, in order to build quality links, you are required to find websites that accept and post infographics as blog posts. Also, your email pitch should good enough to get your request accepted.

Professional Organizations

There are a lot of organizations that would be dedicated to the business you are doing. You can use them for building your website’s authority. What you should do is find such organizations and join them.

Local Blogger Outreach

The strategy is well explained by its name. In this, you would find the local bloggers who write for the categories that are relevant to your business and then contact them. However, there are two ways of using this strategy- you can ask them to cover a piece of content that you are having on your website or you can offer them money for writing a post for you. The second option works better.

In addition to doing a search on the major search engines, you should check social networks for locating local bloggers.

Cold Blogger Outreach

This strategy is used for different reasons. You can find out the writers who write on the same topic as yours and let them know about a great post you have written. You can ask them to cover the content in their next post and can include its link in the email pitch. Ensure you are offering them useful and detailed data.

You can link your content to the bloggers’ content and then ask them to promote it as this will link both of you to a larger audience.

Skyscraper Method

In this technique, you are required to find content having lots of links and then rewrite it in a better way. Once created the content, you can collect the information from the websites that link to the original content. Now, inform them that you have a better piece of information that they can provide to their audience.

It’s all! Thus, there are a number of valuable link-building techniques that can amaze you with the

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