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Gaurav Sharma
Digital Marketing Expert

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What are the Effective Resource Page Links

Resource page links are the links to the content that is an addition to the existing content and seems important for the audiences. Unless you are well familiar with this strategy, you would probably mix it with link roundups; but both are different.

  • Unlike link roundups, a resource page links to the evergreen content (not to the recently published one).
  • The pitch for a link roundup is sent before the creation of the content; it is a request to include a link to your content in his next post. In contrast, a pitch for the resource page is sent after the content is written and published; it is a request for adding your content to their page.
  • When compared on the basis of success, resource pages have low success rate than link roundups as it requires someone to update his content which is already published.

How to find available opportunities?

Search engine operators in Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc. will help you find the opportunities. But, to prevent your time from being wasted, you are required to find relevant opportunities. Some examples are:

  • Using your keyword with the text “links” and “resources”
  • Filtering on the basis of title and URL
  • Filtering .edu results

Concentrate on the pages with high PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority).

How to reach out to them?

You can reach out to them through email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, but email is always considered the best. However, make sure that your content is a right fit for their page before sending them a pitch.

Be nice in your pitch, don’t be pushy.

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